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Dental Emergency Care in Baldivis

Toothaches or damage to your smile can occur at any time. We welcome emergency cases and offer appointments six days a week with same-day visits available for immediate attention.

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Dental Crowns & Bridges

A tooth with a weakened structure can be fixed with a crown, or cap, placed over it. A bridge is appropriate for those who have missing teeth and would like to close the gap with a fixed appliance.

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Sedation Dentistry

Your comfort is always our priority. The QVC Dental Baldivis team wants to make your visits as stress-free as possible, giving you a positive experience every time you see us. Even if you’ve felt anxious about visiting the dentist before, we’ll take extra care so that you feel relaxed and at ease.

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Teeth Whitening in Baldivis

Everyone likes to show off a smile that they’re proud of. Teeth whitening is a simple way to gain a brighter, more brilliant look. Both in-chair and take-home teeth whitening options are available.

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Veneers in Baldivis

Teeth that are chipped, broken, gapped or discoloured can be rejuvenated easily with veneers. A thin covering is customised to fit over the tooth, restoring a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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The dentures of today are comfortable, with a snug fit that allows you to speak and eat as you’d like. With full and partial dentures available and made in Australia, you’ll know you have the highest quality device on the market today.

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Dental Health Checks

Regular Dental Health Checks are an opportunity to examine your gums and teeth, to ensure they are healthy and there is no decay present. We give you time to talk and share with us how you would like your smile to look. Your dentist will explain their findings and work with you, within your budget, to help you achieve a healthy, happy smile. Join QVC Dental Health Membership and there will be no charge on the day.

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Dental Implants

Do you dread having your photo taken due to missing teeth? Or perhaps you cover your mouth when you speak. If you have one or more missing teeth and would like to smile with confidence, consider dental implants.

As dental implants have a natural appearance and feel, they are an ideal alternative to dentures, which can be uncomfortable. Dental implants also can last a lifetime, making them an excellent investment.

What to Expect

A consultation with one of our dentists is the first step in the implant process. Next, we will have you get a 3D dental image scan which will reveal whether or not you have sufficient bone and space necessary for implant placement.

Dental Impressions

After your dentist evaluates your scans, dental impressions are taken. The purpose of the impressions is that they serve as the basis for the construction of an implant guide. This guide will be used to give your dentist the ability to precisely place the implant in your jawbone.

The Healing Period

Next, your dentist will place a type of healing support over the implant for 3-6 months. This period is necessary as the implant needs to assimilate to the jawbone.

Implant Check

When you return after the 3- 6 month healing period, your dentist will take X-rays and test the implant to ensure that it has successfully integrated with the jawbone. After the assessment, if your dentist is pleased with the results an impression of the implant will be taken, and a crown will be fabricated by our lab.

Crown Placement

We will ask you to return in three weeks to have the implant crown placed. Your dentist will either screw it into place or use a bonding agent such as cement.

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Good Quality AND Value for Your Money. The cost of your family’s dental care shouldn’t be directly related to the quality of the service that you receive. At QVC Dental Baldivis, we can work within your financial constraints to ensure our services are uniquely tailored to the needs and wants of you and your family.

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