QIP Accreditation

QVC Dental Baldivis is a Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Accredited dental practice in Baldivis. QIP specialises in assisting community and health services to appraise quality and risk. With accreditation, QVC Dental Baldivis is always striving to improve our service and offerings for patients in an efficient and controlled manner.

What Does QIP Accreditation Mean?

QIP Accredited

Becoming QIP accredited requires going above and beyond providing routine dental care. We pursued accreditation to reassure our patients and their families that we put your best interests first. In addition to self-assessment, our practice was also evaluated by a QIP team to compare our practice’s standards against those established by the NSQHS. Our accreditation is continually monitored and assessed to retain our level of approval.

You don’t want to entrust your smile to just anyone. Selecting a QIP accredited private dental practice means you can be confident knowing your health and safety are always paramount. Our industry’s high level of evaluations requires continual engagement from our team to maintain a robust culture of quality patient care.

At QVC Dental Baldivis we always strive to:

  • Promote safety and high-quality treatments to our community of patients
  • Involve and educate our staff in quality improvement procedures
  • Lower general and clinical risks
  • Foster a quality culture

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Good Quality AND Value for Your Money. The cost of your family’s dental care shouldn’t be directly related to the quality of the service that you receive. At QVC Dental Baldivis, we can work within your financial constraints to ensure our services are uniquely tailored to the needs and wants of you and your family.

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