benefits of dental implants

Our dental surgeons undertake regular courses and training in here and abroad bringing you the latest knowledge and techniques in this ever advancing field of modern dentistry. They continue on travelling if needed to learn from the best implant surgeons in Europe and the U.S. They also train and mentor other dentists who are starting out in implant dentistry in our other dental clinics.
Dental Implants Specialists In Mandurah

We have an in house CT scanner and use this with planning software to plan each case in detail. We are also only one of a handful of practices to use cutting edge intra oral welding to give our patients long lasting same day solutions.

We have a clinical dental technician who works alongside us to give patients a level of customisation and input into their teeth before we start. We also use digital smile design to communicate with the lab, the patients and all the other clinicians involved in a patients care.

We have  treatment coordinators  who see the patients throughout their treatment journey and build a connection and rapport with them. We have specialists in all aspects of dentistry and this allows us to deal with very complex cases.

Benefits of QVC Dental Centre

Our whole team’s caring manner, along with our expertise, sets us apart from other dentists. A strong belief in understanding patients as individuals underpins everything we do. We pride ourselves on being professional and caring at all times, and value the exceptionally positive feedback we receive from our patients.

Before your treatment

We encourage you to talk to some of our former patients about what you can expect on the day and how their lives have been transformed by having dental implants.

If necessary we will liaise with your GP or medical specialist prior to treatment in order to ensure any current medical issues won’t affect your proposed treatment. We’ll keep in regular contact with you to make sure everything is on track for your treatment date. We’ll discuss your medication on the day you visit us.

Your treatment day

Most of our patients bring someone along with them for moral support and to take them home after treatment. Rest assured that we’ll take equally good care of your companion and will keep them updated on your progress. We’re always ready to discuss any aspect of your treatment, so if you’re unsure about anything simply call us or arrange an appointment to come in to our clinic so we can answer your questions face to face.

Dental implant after-care

To ensure you are comfortable after dental implant treatment we’ll give you a kit containing essential medication and oral hygiene products as well as detailed after-care instructions and dietary advice. You’ll also be given our after-hours numbers so that you can call us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

We’ll enter you onto our Maintenance Programme and recommend that, in addition to your normal cleaning regime, you come back to see our team to ensure your dental implants are well-maintained. If this isn’t practical, we will provide you with written instructions to give to your own dentist.

Dental Implants from QVC Dental Implant Centre will benefit you:

  • You’ll get your smile back
  • They’ll enhance your self-confidence and overall quality of life
  • You can eat any food you want again, including chewy and crunchy foods
  • The majority of tooth-loss cases can be treated
  • In almost all cases no bone grafting is needed, which means less discomfort
  • You will need only one surgical visit
  • Temporary fixed teeth are fitted on the day of surgery so there is no need to wear removable dentures during the healing phase
  • Your new teeth can be made to look any way you want them to
  • Both your teeth and gums can be reconstructed
  • We will subscribe you onto our Maintenance Programme – if cared for properly your implants have a lifespan of about 40 years

Dental Implant From AU$3,850+

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Good Quality AND Value for Your Money. The cost of your family’s dental care shouldn’t be directly related to the quality of the service that you receive. At QVC Dental Baldivis, we can work within your financial constraints to ensure our services are uniquely tailored to the needs and wants of you and your family.

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