Dr Omar Saleh
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Dr Omar Saleh embodies the best of today's generation of young dentists: exceptionally skilled, technologically agile, and committed to providing personalised care. For him, no two cases are alike. He approaches each patient with the understanding that everyone's dental journey should be tailored to their unique needs. Under Dr Oman’s care, patients can expect a customised, compassionate treatment experience.

Educational Background

Dr Omar holds a Bachelor of Advanced Science (First Class Honours) from the University of Sydney and a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Western Australia. He has lived in Dubai, Sydney and Perth and is fluent in English and Arabic.

His path to dentistry was influenced by his love for both science and art. “After graduating from my honours year, I worked as a scientist at a children's cancer lab. I really enjoyed the science aspect, but it was lacking an artistic flair," he recounted.

A serendipitous conversation with a friend sparked the idea of pursuing dentistry and shadowing a dentist to learn more about the profession. For Dr Omar, seeing first-hand how dentistry involves his dual interests in science and art “reinforced that this is what I want to do. So I committed to this career, and it's been great so far.”

Today, he is well-versed in all areas of general dentistry and absolutely loves meeting new patients. He works at two clinics, handling a wide range of services including root canals, tooth restorations, surgery and more.

For Dr Omar, “Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing people smile with confidence.” His biggest priority is to create the most comfortable and informed environment for his patients, so that together, they can achieve their best smile.

Practice and Philosophy

Central to Dr Omar's practice is his philosophy that puts the patient at the front and centre of care. He acknowledges dental anxiety as a real and prevalent issue, and underscores that breaking through that initial fear is a crucial step for patients to make the most out of every clinic visit.

"The main goal is making the patient as comfortable as they can in the chair," he says. “Before we even get into their oral health needs, I think it's more important getting to know the patient first — making their whole experience from start to finish as relaxing and calming as possible, but also empower them with the information they need to make good decisions for their health.”

This is one of the ways Dr Omar creates a welcoming atmosphere. When patients feel at ease about discussing their concerns and aspirations for their dental health, it makes it possible to carry out personalised treatments that lead to improved outcomes.

To ensure he delivers the highest standard of care, Dr Omar invests in learning and development and stays abreast of the latest updates in the field. He participates in continuing education courses and proactively integrates new, relevant techniques and technologies into his practice.

Challenges and Rewards

"No two days are the same, and every patient is different," Dr Omar says, noting how managing the diversity of patient needs keeps him on his toes all the time.

Yet, he finds this aspect of his work — transforming patient perceptions and experiences of dental care — most rewarding. For Dr Omar, helping patients overcome dental anxieties represents a significant achievement in his career.

Advice for Patients

Asked for advice on how people can take better care of their oral health, Dr Omar says: “Just walk through the door.”

“The challenge of walking through the door (of a dental office) is obviously the biggest hurdle that keeps people from accessing good dental care,” he added. “But do it, even if it's as simple as coming in for a chat. Once they get to know more about the dentist and the practice, most of the time they are happy to take it further and address their dental needs.”

Personal Life

Outside his professional duties, Dr Omar leads an active lifestyle, engaging in sports, gym activities and going to the beach. He also loves reading, reflecting a balanced approach to life that nurtures both physical and mental well-being.

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