May 2, 2024
Dr Nancy Ji
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Dr Nancy Ji is a graduate of the University of Western Australia in 2022 with a Bachelor of Medical Science degree and a second major in Economics. This unique educational background alongside her passion for helping others drives her dedication to healthcare and dentistry. Today, she has quickly become a sought-after dentist at QVC Dental Baldivis. 

Choosing Dentistry

The decision to pursue dentistry stemmed from Dr Nancy’s desire to help people improve their oral health and her appreciation for the hands-on nature of the work. "I feel that maintaining good oral health is vital to help people feel better about themselves overall,” she notes. Moreover, the daily opportunity to connect with patients and fellow dental professionals at the practice enriches her professional life. This blend of science, creativity and patient interaction makes every day unique and fulfilling.

Daily Practice 

At the clinic, Dr Nancy administers a wide range of dental procedures, from preventative care to taking impressions for mouthguards and doing crown insertions to more complex restorations. She has a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry, particularly in treatments involving both anterior and posterior applications such as composite build-ups and porcelain veneers. "One thing that I enjoy the most is aesthetic dentistry, and I’m interested in doing more front teeth aesthetic work," Dr Nancy says, indicating a future direction for further training and specialisation.

Overall Wellness and Oral Health

Dr Nancy's philosophy of dental care is holistic, prioritising overall wellness alongside oral health. She strives to empower patients by educating them on the impact of oral health on their general well-being. "I believe in helping patients look and feel their best through a holistic approach to dentistry," Dr Nancy states. “It’s all related — having good oral health can help boost your confidence and contributes positively to mental and general health.” 

She finds it deeply gratifying to help patients achieve their dental goals, so she makes sure to take a moment to get to know each patient’s priorities. “It could be helping a young kid who comes in with trauma, let's say they fell over on the road. They chipped their front tooth and you are able to help them in just under an hour to build their tooth back. Seeing them smile and knowing they’ll feel confident at school is a reward in itself.”  

“Or helping a patient complete a very long treatment plan ranging from patient education to hygiene to doing fillings and then finishing it off with crowns, bridgework or dentures to improve their oral health and the aesthetics of their smile. The joy of seeing a patient smile with confidence is immeasurable," she says.

Work-Life and Learning Balance 

To stay at the forefront of dental advancements, Dr Nancy is committed to continuous professional development. She engages in annual dental courses and training programs to upskill in areas such as dental photography and complex restorative work. Last year, she participated in an international dental congress to learn about the latest clinical research and gain insights from peers and fellow experts from around the globe. 

Outside her professional life, Dr Nancy finds balance by spending time with her two dogs — their favourite activity is taking long walks to the park and discovering outdoor spots for relaxation. She spends the weekends exploring new restaurants, particularly nice brunch spots. Regular gym visits are part of her routine to maintain an active lifestyle.

The cornerstones of Dr Nancy’s practice are excellent patient care and dedication to lifelong learning. Her holistic approach, focus on aesthetic dentistry and commitment to patient empowerment are making her a fast-rising, trusted dentist in the community. 

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