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QVC Dental Vision for Dental Practices

Sharon Robertson QVC Founder

QVC Dental Pty Ltd is owned by Sharon Robertson, an experienced dental business coach who has over 30 years’ experience in the dental industry.  After emigrating to Perth in 2009 Sharon continued her business coaching through her business ‘Resolve – Dental Management Solutions’ offering dental business owners solutions to issues they faced in dental business.

In 2017 Sharon decided to put all her preaching’s into practice and created the very first QVC Dental practice in Baldivis.  This is a greenfield site that is completely independent of health insurance influence.  It is a beautiful 4 treatment roomed practice which offers something different. Sharon is 100% behind her philosophy Quality, Value and Care, she believes in giving patients a real experience which is about them and their dental needs and not what the health fund tells them or the practice they can have.

Sharon has seen many changes over the past 30 years and is passionate about educating patients on the benefits of regular attendance, which in her opinion, is the secret to good dental health.  Sharon believes in this so much she has brought dental membership into Australia which is proven method of patient retention in private practices in the UK.  A system which enables patients to pay monthly for routine dental care, to encourage them to come back at least twice a year for maintenance and preventive care.

QVC believes that if they can get the patients back more often, then the dentists can help the patient maintain their dental health, resulting in fewer cases of dental emergencies, and over the long term, cost the patient less in time and money.

Happy Healthy Patients

Sharon believes that by enabling patients to access the dental practice easily and making dentistry more affordable, she will achieve her dream of a practice full of happy healthy patients who rarely suffer from dental problems.

She prides herself on ensuring all patients have a great experience, from the first point of contact to treatment complete, she works hard to ensure each and every patient leaves happy and satisfied.



Our dental membership program can be used at your practice. Let us show you how a dental membership program improves patient retention and referral. See your patients more often and in better oral health!



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